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M3E is the acronym of "Mathematical Methods and Models for Engineering". The company is a spin-off of the University of Padova with the development and the application of advanced mathematical models and software for the optimal solution of several problems usually encountered in civil, environmental and industrial engineering as core business.
In particular, M3E aims at developing numerical software for the discretization of partial differential equations, linear algebra, optimization and data analysis for several engineering applications. Along with the software, M3E offers consulting services in the field of structural analysis, surface and underground environmental processes, management of water resources, transport and diffusion of contaminants in fresh water aquifers, exploitation of oil and gas reservoir, subsidence and its possible mitigation.
The company has been founded in 2011 by some members of the research group headed by Professor Giuseppe Gambolati:
  • Massimiliano Ferronato, assistant Professor at the University of Padova
  • Carlo Janna, post-doc student at the University of Padova
  • Alberto Lovison, post-doc student at the University of Padova
  • Mario Putti, associate Professor the University of Padova
  • Pietro Teatini, PE at the University of Padova
And by the companies:
  • EnginSoft S.p.a., company working in virtual prototyping and in the distribution of engineering software
  • MED Ingegneria S.r.l., company working in the design of civil infrastructure and in the field of environmental modeling